Take Control of Raising Your Urinary Citrate.

Simple, Easy, Non-prescription Citrate

“My doctor referred this to me as part of my treatment plan. I like that I am taking action for my health by simply adding a supplement to my water!”​

—Verified LithoLyte Customer

Why LithoLyte?
A Simple Citrate Source

Your kidneys need more than just water to stay healthy. Each Litholyte serving contains 10 mEq of active citrate*, up to 10x more than store bought citrus juice servings. Litholyte is a simple citrate source added to water.

*or citrate equivalents

Doctor Recommended

Trust the recommendation from your health care professional to increase your health

Extra Hydration

Get the added benefit of hydration by drinking your citrate

No Pills

Decrease the pill burden and easily add a powder to your water.

Easy on the Stomach

Don't worry about GI upset while getting the benefits of citrate

Zero Taste

The unique water enhancer mixes easily in water and is tasteless

Zero Calories

Get the benefits of citrate without adding calories to your beverage